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The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey

This book, The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey, is juvenile literature.

Everything About The Tale of Jasper Jay

Below, we give a brief overview of the book and links to where you can read it (some are FREE). We’ve also included our findings online for activities, quizzes, and worksheets related to the book and its subject. All of the work has been done for you, and it’s all here! *Occasionally, we will update the resources for this book; so, check back in, or sign up for the MiniMize Newsletter.

The Pictures from The Tale of Jasper Jay

Before we begin, I would like to point out the pictures in this article.

The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey illustration, "Jasper, like Frisky Squirrel, was fond of nuts."

The color picture of the dust jacket was taken from the Gutenberg version, here.

*This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org.

Orange cover, artwork, title page, and table of contents were taken from the Internet Archive version of The Tale of Jasper Jay, found here.

All were presumably made by the publisherNew York, Grosset & Dunlap.

The illustrations do not list an artist.

I’d like to thank Project Gutenberg and the New York Public Library for making this book and its illustrations available online to the public.

To see all of the pictures for this book, go here.

All other pictures were produced by Amazon as links to copies available for purchase.

Subjects Covered in The Tale of Jasper Jay

There are three subjects covered by The Tale of Jasper Jay.

These are Life Science, Literature and Social Studies/Good Citizenship.

This book explains acceptable and unacceptable behavior in a social context.

Reading Level of The Tale of Jasper Jay

The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey, is appropriate for young readers and children.

This means that it can be read as soon as fluent reading has been established and into adulthood.

The average reader’s age is approximately 5-12 years old, though some readers may be older or younger.

Placement In the MiniMize Book List

The Tale of Jasper Jay is book number 11 in the MiniMize Homeschool book list.

This places it in the Elementary School Level.

The book is the 8th book to be read during Year 1 of school.

Book Content

This book describes the antics and behavior of Jasper Jay.

Readers will follow along as Jasper learns many lessons about his behavior.

They will also find out about how the weather put Jasper in a tight bind.

Chapters – The Tale of Jasper Jay

The Tale of Jasper Jay contains 21 Chapters. The chapter titles, taken from the Gutenberg book (below), are as follows:

The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey, table of contents.

I              A Noisy Rogue

II             A Blow for the Bully

III            The Strange Cry

IV            Jasper’s Boast

V             The Search

VI            A Joke on Jasper Jay

VII          Scaring the Hens

VIII         A Bit of Mischief

IX            Jasper Has to Hide

The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey, table of contents pg 2.

X             The Nutting Party

XI            A Stroke of Luck

XII           Solomon Owl’s Eyes

XIII         Teasing a Singer

XIV         Finding a Way

XV          The Invitation

XVI         The Singing Society

XVII        Jasper is Ashamed

XVIII      Enemies

XIX         Cold Feet

XX           Getting Rid of Jasper

XXI         Two Rascals Caught

Activities for The Tale of Jasper Jay

There are no known existing activities related to this book.

We tried searching Google for “The Tale of Jasper Jay Book Test.”

Then, we tried test, quiz, activities, for homeschool, reading guide, study guide, and other combinations of words.

Unfortunately, we only found links to eBooks.

Alternative Activities

There are, however, a number of activities related to blue jays and states of matter.

Keep reading to see some of our favorites.

Activities about Blue Jays

We like this link at John Eliot School that has information about blue jays.

Pair it with this neat little worksheet from KidZone to label a blue jay.

Watch 5 Good Reasons To Like Blue Jays by LesleytheBirdNerd, below, for an informative YouTube video about blue jays.

To hear an actual blue jay, listen to a Blue Jay Happy Song on YouTube by Brandy Doyker.

It’s right down there.

For a fun art lesson, you can also learn How To Draw A Blue Jay on YouTube by Art for Kids Hub.

Activities about the States of Matter

A neat experiment on freezing water from ScienceNetLinks can be found here.

And on YouTube, watch this video, Changing water- States of matter, by southeastwater.

It’s right here!

A MiniMize Worksheet

There is also a worksheet currently being made, that is directly related to the book.

The MiniMize Life is creating a fill in the blank worksheet for this book.

This worksheet will contain 2 pages with 21 days of activities and a total of 21 questions in all. There’s one question for each chapter.

An Answer Key will also be attached at the end of the worksheet.

How the Worksheet Works

This worksheet will guide a student through reading the book and prompt them to complete a simple activity.

The student will begin each day by reading the day’s first question and the corresponding chapter.

Next, they will find the sentence in the chapter and fill in the missing words.

Student Instructions

Instructions on the MiniMize Worksheet for The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey, state the following.

Number 1, below, is a sentence from Chapter 1, number 2 from Chapter 2, etc. Read the entire chapter, then find the sentence, below, in the Chapter. In the blanks, write the missing words.

​Where Can I Get the MiniMize Worksheet?

The MiniMize Worksheet described above is currently in production.

The Worksheet has been developed and is awaiting editing and copyright processes.

When these have been completed, The MiniMize Life will release the worksheet and make it available here.

Be in the Know

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Read The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey

If you just can’t wait to read The Tale of Jasper Jay, The MiniMize Life has found it in multiple formats for you!

Below, you will find links to e-books, audiobooks, and other formats for free and for purchase.

Free E-Books

We all LOVE free stuff!

Below, are the MiniMize recommended e-books for The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey. We’ve mentioned a few times that free isn’t always better, but we want to make sure you can afford to homeschool no matter what your financial situation might be.

Each section explains a little about the version and gives you a link to the FREE BOOK.


You must know, Gutenberg.org is all about free, open-source, and public domain.

The Tale of Jasper Jay, book jacket

This version of The Tale of Jasper Jay works perfectly for many eReaders and devices.

The FREE e-book from gutenberg.org can be found here.

A word of caution: the audio readings offered by Gutenberg sound a bit robotic. They do this on purpose so that anyone can use the files on their operating system.

*This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org.

Internet Archive

The most beautiful collection of e-Books, Internet Archive, specializes in scanned versions of actual books.

Watch out for missing pages, though. These old books might be missing a few, no matter how hard we try to avoid them.

You can read a FREE scanned copy of The Tale of Jasper Jay at Internet Archive, here.

Google Books

If you like to keep your books in a Google Play account, then Google Books is for you.

You can find the FREE e-book on Google Books, here.

Audio Books

Want an audio version of the book?

They’re especially helpful on long car rides!

Check out the following sources.


If you prefer to listen to books, LibriVox is currently working on a FREE version of The Tale of Jasper Jay.

Be aware, however, that LibriVox relies on volunteers to record their audiobooks.

Also, this audiobook is currently in progress and is not finished.

The recordings are not usually narrated by professionals, and many books have more than one narrator.

They are real voices, though; so that’s a plus!

You can listen, here.

Bound Books 

Sometimes, you just want to touch and smell a real book, right?

That’s what Amazon’s for!

If printing and binding the book yourself from one of the choices above doesn’t sound appealing, here’s the alternative.

If you prefer to buy The Tale of Jasper Jay already bound and printed, you can purchase a copy on Amazon, here.

Kindle Book

If you’re anything like our family, you like easy. Kindle is easy!

Point, click, buy, and read. Let Amazon organize your bookshelf. Bonus: NO DUST!

Get a Kindle edition of the book, here.

The Tale of Jasper Jay, by Arthur Scott Bailey 

That’s everything so far.

Remember, though, we will be updating this information from time to time.

Come back and tell us how we’re doing.

Is there anything you think might be helpful to anyone or their homeschool in relation to The Tale of Jasper Jay? Let us know in the comments below!

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