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Lives of the Presidents, by Jean S. Remy

This book, Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable, by Jean S. Remy, is juvenile biographical literature.

Everything About Lives of the Presidents

Below, we give a brief overview of the book and links to where you can read it (some are FREE). We’ve also included our findings online for activities, quizzes, and worksheets related to the book and its subject. And don’t forget the links to more encyclopedic information for historical content in the book. All of the work has been done for you, and it’s all here! *Occasionally, we will update the resources for this book; so, check back in, or sign up for the MiniMize Newsletter.

The Pictures from Lives of the Presidents

Lives of the Presidents, book cover.

Before we begin, I would like to point out the pictures in this article.

All were taken from the Internet Archive version of Lives of the Presidents, found here.

Cover, artwork, and table of contents for this edition of Lives of the Presidents were presumably made by the publisherNew York, A.L. Burt.

Photographs and portraits do not list an artist.

I’d like to thank the Cornell University Library for making this book and its illustrations available online to the public.

Go here, to see all of the pictures for this book.

Subjects Covered in Lives of the Presidents

There are three subjects covered by Lives of the Presidents.

These are Literature and Social Studies and US History.

This book is a biographical compilation of the US Presidents from Washington to McKinley.

Reading Level of Lives of the Presidents

Lives of the Presidents, by Jean S. Remy, is appropriate for young readers and children.

This means that it can be read as soon as fluent reading has been established and into adulthood.

The average reader’s age is approximately 5-12 years old, though some readers may be older or younger.

Placement In the MiniMize Book List

The Lives of the Presidents is book number 8 in the MiniMize Homeschool book list.

This places it in the Elementary School Level.

The book is the 5th book to be read during Year 1 of school.

Book Content

This book describes the lives, terms, and notable achievements of the US Presidents through McKinley.

There are many pictures describing these facts.

Chapters – Lives of the Presidents

*We’ve taken the liberty to add a Biography link to each chapter name.

Lives of the Presidents contains 24 Chapters. The chapter titles, taken from the Gutenberg book (below), are as follows:

1George Washington

Lives of the Presidents, table of contents.

2John Adams

3Thomas Jefferson

4James Madison

5James Monroe

6John Quincy Adams

7Andrew Jackson

8Martin Van Buren

9William Henry Harrison

10John Tyler

11James Knox Polk

12Zachary Taylor

13Millard Fillmore

14Franklin Pierce

15James Buchanan

16Abraham Lincoln

17Andrew Johnson

18Ulysses Simpson Grant

19Rutherford B. Hayes

20James Abram Garfield

21Chester Alan Arthur

22Stephen Grover Cleveland

23Benjamin Harrison

24William McKinley

​​​Activities for Lives of the Presidents

There are no known existing activities related to this book.

We tried searching Google for “Lives of the Presidents Book Test.”

Then, we tried test, quiz, activities, for homeschool, reading guide, study guide, and other combinations of words.

Unfortunately, we only found links to eBooks. However, a worksheet has been created that is directly related to the book.

A MiniMize Worksheet

The MiniMize Life has created a fill in the blank worksheet for Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable, by Jean S. Remy.

This worksheet contains 3 pages with 24 days of activities and a total of 24 questions in all. There’s one question for each chapter.

An Answer Key is also attached at the end of the worksheet.

Find it, here.

How the Worksheet Works

This worksheet will guide a student through reading the book and prompt them to complete a simple activity.

The student will begin each day by reading the day’s first question and the corresponding chapter.

Next, they will find the sentence in the chapter and fill in the missing words.

Student Instructions

Instructions on the MiniMize Worksheet for Lives of the Presidents, by Jean S. Remy, state the following.

Number 1, below, is a sentence from Chapter 1, number 2 from Chapter 2, etc. Read the entire chapter, then find the sentence, below, in the Chapter. In the blanks, write the missing words.

Where Can I Get the MiniMize Worksheet?

The Fill-in-the-Blank worksheet for Lives of the Presidents can be found, here.

Simply place an order the PDF and we will email it to you.

Please be aware that this contains only the digital worksheet. To read Dotty Dimple at Her Grandmother’s see the links, below.

Alternative Activities

There are, however, a number of activities related to the US Presidents.

Keep reading to see some of our favorites.

US Presidents Worksheets

We like this link at Apples 4 the Teacher and their tons of US Presidents worksheets.

There’s a lot more that you can find, but this one website has way more than you’ll ever need.


There are also lots of songs about the US Presidents.

My personal favorite is Animaniacs – The Presidents Song posted on YouTube by wakkofrankie. It’s right down there.

Another song is US Presidents Song For Kids | All the Presidents of the United States of America in Order posted on YouTube by Math Songs by NUMBEROCK.


As well, there are lots of documentaries about the Presidents.

I like this playlist, The Presidents, uploaded to YouTube by PlanoProf of The History Channel documentary.

The show was nicely split up into each President’s description.

I liked it so much, that I saved the whole playlist on The MiniMize Life YouTube channel.

Read Lives of the Presidents, by Jean S. Remy

If you just can’t wait to read Lives of the Presidents, The MiniMize Life has found it in multiple formats for you!

Below, you will find links to e-books, audiobooks, and other formats for free and for purchase.

Free E-Books

We all LOVE free stuff!

Below, are the MiniMize recommended e-books for Lives of the Presidents, by Jean S. Remy. While free isn’t always the best option, we want to make sure that you can homeschool no matter what your financial situation might be,

Each section explains a little about the version and gives you a link to the FREE BOOK.


You must know, Gutenberg.org is all about free, open-source, and public domain.

Lives of the Presidents illustration, "The White House - Home of the Presidents."

This version of Lives of the Presidents works perfectly for many eReaders and devices.

The FREE e-book from gutenberg.org can be found here.

A word of caution: the audio readings offered by Gutenberg sound a bit robotic. That’s on purpose to allow anyone to read the book no matter which operating system they are using.

*This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.  You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org.

Internet Archive

The most beautiful collection of e-Books, Internet Archive, specializes in scanned versions of actual books.

Watch for missing pages, though. We tried to avoid this issue, but sometimes it’s unavoidable with these old books.

You can read a FREE scanned copy of Lives of the Presidents at Internet Archive, here.

Audio Books

Want an audio version of the book?

They’re especially helpful on long car rides!

Check out the following sources.


If you prefer to listen to books, LibriVox offers a FREE version of The Tale of Betsy Butterfly.

Be aware, however, that LibriVox relies on volunteers to record their audiobooks.

The recordings are not usually narrated by professionals, and many books have more than one narrator.

They are real voices, though; so that’s a plus!

You can listen, here.


Go to YouTube to find another great FREE resource for Lives of the Presidents.

This is not an actual “video,” and only shows a still depiction of the book.

It is, however, a useful way to hear the audio of the LibriVox recording, above.

Listen to the audio/video version from LibriVox Audiobooks below.

Bound Books 

Sometimes, you just want to touch and smell a real book, right?

That’s what Amazon’s for!

If printing and binding the book yourself from one of the choices above doesn’t sound appealing, here’s the alternative.

If you prefer to buy Lives of the Presidents already bound and printed, you can purchase a copy on Amazon, here.

Kindle Book

We love Kindle, y’all! 

All we have to do is point, click, buy and read. Then we can lounge around reading all day like the lazy people we aspire to be!

If you’re like us, get your Kindle book, here.

Lives of the Presidents Told in Words of One Syllable, by Jean S. Remy 

That’s everything so far.

Remember, though, we will be updating this information from time to time.

Come back and see what else we add. Let us know how we’re doing while you’re at it!

Is there anything you think might be helpful to anyone or their homeschool in relation to Lives of the Presidents? Let us know in the comments below!

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