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The MiniMize Homeschool Method

On this page, you will find information about how to set up and use a Minimalist Homeschool using the MiniMize Homeschool Method. The method revolves around the Book Lists, below. 

Click on a Level to find Yearly Book Lists and links to resources directly related to each book.

Middle School Level

High School Level

All you need is a plan. A simple one.

The Minimize Homeschool strategy will provide you with a map to guide your student from preschool to graduation.

Trading the traditional brick and mortar school for a homeschooling lifestyle can be freeing. Making this decision for your children is the greatest MiniMizing tip you can get.

Homeschool Supply List

What do you need for a Minimalist Homeschool, and why? We explain everything.

Shorten Your Homeschool Day

How to spend less time doing schoolwork without sacrificing your student’s education.

The MiniMize Homeschool Method

The basic steps to a Minimalist Homeschool.