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Free Children’s Audio Books on YouTube

Everybody wants them; especially homeschoolers. But where do you find free children’s audio books?

LibriVox is my own favorite free audio book site. It has a lot of the open domain books that we use for homeschool, but definitely not all of them. And sometimes, you can not even find a paid version on Audible. It’s sad. Depressing, really. This is when I usually turn to YouTube on my book quest.

Epic Epiphany

Well, maybe not epic.

But it might be categorized as not a dumb idea.

I came up with a not so new idea.

I should stop making YouTube the depressing step in my search, and turn it into the place to go.

A MiniMize Project for Free Children’s Audio Books

Today, we recorded the first seven chapters of Dotty Dimple at Play.

It’s the first installation of the MiniMize Method’s free children’s audio books.

Unfortunately, our house has loud, grumbly window unit air conditioners.

So, what that meant for recording videos was a lot of sweat.

If you’ve read about our first camping experience together, you know that sweating isn’t my favorite thing.

Good luck on the boon docking, right?

Show Your Dimples

Back to the videos.

Last night, I was binge watching EnjoyTheJourney.Life on YouTube because … you know … cool RV’s.

It’s how you get me to show my dimples at the moment.

Well, all of a sudden, Tom pops up with a different kind of video about using YouTube to make money.

Of course, funding the RV life has been on our minds ALOT.

Then, it occurred to me, I’m avoiding YouTube.

For Real, Tho

(That heading is in my best Wanda from In Living Color voice, by the way)

I am very slow at making YouTube videos.

Technology is repelled by me.

That’s why I write.

Thanks Tom and Cheri!

However, something clicked in my head when Tom mentioned videos.

I realized that there were books in our list that don’t have audio versions.

There’s FREE books without a narrator.

Why not me?

“Wait,” I thought.

I can be a narrator.”

I might not be savvy at trimming videos, but I can read a book out loud.

What a Dodo

Here I’ve been, reading books to myself in my head when I could have been reading them on tape.

OK, it’s not on tape nowadays … is it “on the cloud”?

That sounds nice.

Either way, the first chapter is now on YouTube.

Free Children’s Audio Books by The MiniMize Life

It’s rough.

Really rough.

But I think the kiddos will be able to understand me.

The YouTube Video

The YouTube video didn’t turn out great.

There’s terrible lighting and poor camera equipment.

But that wasn’t the point.


You can find our new channel, here.

Let’s just hope I don’t break the YouTube.

I once scrambled the debit card scanner at Sears, so I’ve got a bit of history.

Don’t ask me how I did it; I have no idea.

Free Children’s Audio Books 

Audio books you can’t find anywhere else, at that.

You can listen to the first chapter of Dotty Dimple at Play, below.

Are there any books in the public domain that you wished you could find an audio format for? Let us know in the comments!


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