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Cheap eBooks, MiniMize Your Search

Surely, you’re aware that digital books exist, and that there are tons of them out there for a very affordable price. You can find lots of cheap eBooks online and we will show you where.

Where to Find Cheap eBooks Online – MiniMize Your Search for Free Books

Sometimes you can even find them for free.

In this post, we’re going to tell you where you can find cheap eBooks online.

Here’s the deal on Cheap eBooks

The actual deal where you can save money on books.

Whether you don’t have room for a bookshelf, or you just want the option to read a digital book. This is the best collections available.

You’re in the right place.

Download, Read, Repeat

Ease of downloading, acceptable format, and the availability of useful literature we used to choose our favorite collections.

The following websites are so impressive it’s just an added bonus so many titles can be found for free.

Read on for information about who we’ve chosen as our top 3 places to find free eBooks. Then, you can get to work and go MiniMize your library.

My Favorite Site for Cheap eBooks

Cheap eBooks free on Amazon.

The first location where cheap and free eBooks can be found is on Amazon.

Most people are aware that that Amazon began as a bookstore. But they somehow aren’t aware that Amazon has lots of free reading up for grabs. With even more affordable eBooks and the ease of maintaining an eLibrary we chose …

Amazon eBooks – Kindle eBooks

Kindle, y’all! Now, I know that there are other eReaders out there. But I love the convenience of having one account with Amazon that does nearly everything I need.

Minimal passwords to remember means more memory space in the ol’ noggin.

I always start my search for eBooks on Amazon

This is the place to start simply because there are less steps involved to get it on to the Kindle.

It’s quicker to start reading.

And did I mention there’s a TON of books on Kindle?

Lots of the titles in the public domain are offered for the Kindle.

Of course, what’s not free, or just isn’t a good edition, can be remedied by buying another edition of the eBook on Kindle.

 Find Cheap eBooks on Another Site and Upload to your Kindle

That’s right, you can add books to your Kindle library from other sites, like the two listed below.

AND Kindle lets you upload a pdf.

Hello, MiniMize Worksheets!

Save some space on your computer and store your stuff on their server’s, you guys.

That’s lots of birds with one stone and is the reason Amazon eBooks is my #1 choice.

Have I ever told you how much I love Amazon? It’s a thing.

More Free eBooks for Your eBook Library

Johannes Gutenberg introduced the movable type printing press.

His contribution set the basis which led to the Age of Enlightenment and to our more modern Age of Information.

Project Gutenberg was founded by the inventor of the eBook, Michael Hart, in 1971. Here, the aim was to create and make public domain eBooks and e-texts available for download.

This site was the original and it has grown into a massive collection. Their philosophy aligns very nicely with that of our own. It was stated by Hart in his essay about Project Gutenberg’s administrative policies, Administrivia, that “Less is more.”

And their administration isn’t the only thing that appears to have been minimized, either. Much of the text is minimal in format to allow as many people to be able to download the books as possible.

Gutenberg.org is Our #2 Choice for Free eBooks

This site is huge. It specializes in converting open source books into eBooks in multiple languages.

There are more books on Gutenberg.org that I’ve never even heard of than the ones I have.

Many of the ones I have heard of are available in multiple editions, too. There are so many options, in fact, that it might be easy to become overwhelmed.

But I will say that the user interface on this beautiful project is very simple to use. That keeps the overwhelming feeling of its size at arm’s length.

Free and Easy

Cheap eBooks plug in to knowledge.

Now, keep in mind, by “open source” I mean books legal to share and read for free in the US. Other countries copyright laws might be different and books on the Gutenberg site might still be protected in those countries.

A simple search using the book name or author shows you all of the books they’ve transcribed, so far.

Yep, so far; it’s a work in progress.

From there, you can choose a book; read it online; or download it as a PDF, Word document, or straight to your device.

The Downside of Gutenberg.org

The main downside to this site is that the books are transcribed. They’re typed from book to document. This gives it a very plain look. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this is done on purpose to allow the most access regardless of operating system.

Also, not all versions have the illustrations and formatting of the original books. Another casualty to the plain text.

But for a free read, that’s a small price to pay. The information is still right there at your fingertips.

Stephen Hawking Would Have Been a Marvelous Narrator

As for their audio versions, I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s lacking.

This should only be something you use if you would enjoy a good read-aloud session narrated by Stephen Hawking.

Or maybe it’s Siri. It’s a very robotic-sounding voice.

Again, I’m sure that this is by design to allow access to the majority. If it’s all you can afford, I’m sure you appreciate it. But read on for more options.

You might be able to find a better quality audiobook.

Project Gutenberg is Convenient

Other than those two things (one thing, for you die-hard Hawking fans), Gutenberg is marvelous.

To make it even more convenient, they’ve made an app available.

Also, I’ve done the work for you and listed the available books on Gutenberg.org that we recommend for homeschooling (with links).

It’s in a separate post, if you’re interested.

Cheap eBooks and Best eBook Reader for Computers

The next site is a personal favorite.

Internet Archive is a digital library containing free access to books, movies, music, and other digital information.

According to their “About” section, Internet Archive’s “mission is to provide Universal Access to All Knowledge.”

They weren’t kidding.

And it’s a beautifully stunning collection of knowledge, too. The reader software contained within this site is enough to make me swoon.

Go to Archive.org and See the #3 Choice

A great website for free, open source eBooks is Archive.org.

The neat online reader built into the site, features the scanned version of real books. This is worth mentioning more than once because it’s really neato to be able to see all of the formatting and pictures in the books.

Actual scanned documents are able to be viewed, which is an area where Gutenberg.org is lacking.

In some cases, it’s even colorized for your viewing pleasure.

Isn’t technology wonderful?

I think so.

In Case You Need More Reasons to Use Internet Archive

Besides that, Archive.org lets you search by book name or author making most searches easy.

I say “most searches” because every once in awhile there’s an elusive book with the title changed. That’s not the fault of this website, however.

Then, after you find the book you want, you have even more choices. Internet Archive allows you to read your book online or download it and save it in your own eLibrary.

Even better, this site is linked to both the Gutenberg and LibriVox (audiobook) sites, among others. So, it can drastically reduce the number of places you need to go to search for a book.

There are even some of the best libraries in the country linked to the site.

I find it really cool to see a book from the Library of Congress, and Internet Archive includes that stuff. I don’t know why, but its just cool to me.

The Few Cons Don’t Amount to Much

The biggest downside is looking for the scanned books that are nice and neat, and not missing pages.

It’s not a huge issue, just a tip to be aware of since I’ve come across a few copies that made me struggle a bit.

Also, don’t rely on this site as your only source, because Gutenberg has more books than Archive has linked, and not everything in the public domain is here. I’m sure it’s a work in progress.

Last Pitch to Tickle Your Free eBook Fancy

Lo and behold, to top it off  there’s a free app for Internet Archive.

How convenient is it that you can search, download, and read from this collection on your phone?

Build Your eBook Library

A cheap eBook eLibrary fits on the table.

These three websites are my favorites for open source reading materials.

It’s where I find all of the free eBooks for our homeschool.

We have built the bulk of our eBook Library using these websites. And it’s kinda nice to have such a big library fit on the kitchen table.

Cheap eBooks When Free Won’t Work

A word to the wise, however; sometimes, spending a dollar or two for an upgrade might be preferable.

A fancier eBook version can sometimes tip the scale toward enjoyment. And oftentimes the formatting, pictures, and overall quality of the eBook can be upgraded with a bit of cash.

You can find the MiniMize recommended homeschooling eBooks available for purchase on Amazon.com on each of the book pages in the Main Menu, above.

If the free versions aren’t up to par for your personal taste, these might come in handy and save you some time.

One Last Thing … Consider Buying Cheap eBooks

Typically, I begin with searching for Amazon Kindle books, since Kindle is the eReader I prefer to use.

It’s less work to get the books already formatted for Kindle that way (duh).

Thank goodness, you only need one device to hold it all!

The other two sites take a bit of wrangling to get the books from the website to my kindle account, but it’s not so difficult that I won’t do it!

How to accomplish that type of transfer is for another post. But if you’d like to simplify it a bit, and you don’t mind multiple apps on your device, all three sites have their own app.

You can download and read books from these apps. However, in this case, you’d have to direct your kiddo to the appropriate app every time they start a new book.

I find it easier on a day to day basis to MiniMize the number of apps and have one spot for everything.

Cheap eBooks Lists from The MiniMize Life

So, now you want to know a bit more about the best cheap eBooks you can find, right?

Check out Our Elementary, Middle, and High School Level book lists.

These can also be accessed in the Main Menu above. Click on a book title in the list for even more information and resources.

Did we forget any unbelievable websites with a free eBook collection? Tell us about your favorite spots, below!


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