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About Us

We’re all about simple at The MiniMize Life. We MiniMize it!

Follow along as we homeschool, buy large vehicles (an RV) and create fools of ourselves trying to live outside for absolutely no reason at all.

Having school-age children can become a huge, complicated web to navigate when dealing with teachers, school officials, books, activities, schedules, and sheets upon sheets of paper scrunched into balls and floating around every corner of your home and vehicle.

Your first step to MiniMize stress, in regard to your children, is to cut out the middlemen; the building commonly referred to as SCHOOL and the people inside who tell you where to be, when to be there, and everything you must do.

Once you do that, we can help you MiniMize the rest!

Who we are …

We’re just regular parents trying to MiniMize work, maximize the benefits, and get it all done while in a good mood!

What we do …

TheMiniMizeLife provides a simple way to homeschool using affordable open-source texts, worksheets, and a game plan to help your school stay lightweight and organized.

When it needs to be done …

Whenever you’re ready to stop feeling overwhelmed trying to catch-up with that idea you have in your mind; and whenever you’re ready to start feeling accomplished. Let’s explore more than we work.

Where you should do it …

Anywhere! The MiniMize Homeschool strategy is designed to be simple and lightweight while focusing on areas that other online homeschools and curricula fall short.

Why it should be done …

You should MiniMize homeschool for your sanity, and choose TheMiniMizeLife to help because Less is More!